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A Modular Extension of the User Experience Questionnaire

Logo of the Modular Extension of User Experience Questionnaire
The UEQ+ is a modular extension of the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). It contains a larger list of UX scales that can be combined by a UX researcher to build a concrete UX questionnaire adapted to the concrete research question. In this sense the UEQ+ is not a UX questionnaire, it is a tool to build concrete questionnaires optimized for special evaluation scenarios.

Available Scales

Currently the following scales are available. This list may grow in the future. The scales are not independent! Please check the handbook before you create your first questionnaire with the UEQ+.


Overall impression of the product. Do users like or dislike it?


Is it easy to get familiar with the product and to learn how to use it?


Can users solve their tasks without unnecessary effort? Does it react fast?


Does the user feel in control of the interaction? Is it secure and predictable?


Is it exciting and motivating to use the product? Is it fun to use?


Is the design of the product creative? Does it catch the interest of users?


Does the product look beautiful and appealing?


Can the product be adapted to personal preferences or personal working styles?


Does using the product bring advantages?

Intuitive use

Can the product be used immediately without any training or help?


Does the product design look professional and of high quality?

Trustworthiness of Content

Is the information provided by the product of good quality and reliable?

Quality of Content

Is the information provided by the product actual and well-prepared?


Are the users data in safe hands and not misused to harm him or her?


Feelings which result from touching the product.


Impact of sounds or operating noise of the product to the user experience.

The scales Attractiveness, Perspicuity, Efficiency, Dependability, Stimulation and Novelty are part of the UEQ (see Laugwitz, Schrepp & Held, 2008). The scales Haptics and Acoustics are described in Boos & Brau (2017). The development of the scale Trust is described in Hinderks (2016). The development of all other scales is described in Schrepp & Thomaschewski (2019).

Available research papers describing the UEQ+

The development of the UEQ+ are described in a number of scientific papers.

  • Schrepp, M. & Thomaschewski, J. (accepted). Eine modulare Erweiterung des User Experience Questionnaire. In: Hess, S. & Fischer, H. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2019 - Usability Professionals. Bonn: Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. und German UPA e.V.
  • Schrepp, M. & Thomaschewski, J. (2019). Design and Validation of a Framework for the Creation of User Experience Questionnaires. International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence, http://dx.doi.org/10.9781/ijimai.2019.06.006.
  • Schrepp, M. & Thomaschewski, J. (2019). Construction and first Validation of Extension Scales for the User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). Research Report University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer. Show on Research Gate


All materials required to use the UEQ+ can be downloaded completely free of charge!


A detailed description of the UEQ+ method.



Templates containing all scales and items of the UEQ+


Data Analysis Tool

An Excel-File to simplify the data analysis.


The UEQ+ Team

Contact us in case of questions. We promise we won't bite!

Picture of Martin Schrepp
Martin Schrepp

Dr. Martin Schrepp studied mathematics and psychology at University of Heidelberg. He received a diploma in mathematics 1990 and a Ph.D in psychology 1993. Since 1994 he works in various roles at SAP SE. His work experience includes writing technical documentation, software development and user interface design. Main research interests are the application of insights from cognitive science to the design of interactive products, accessibility and the development of methods for evaluation and data analysis.

Picture of Jörg Thomaschewski
Jörg Thomaschewski

Dr. Jörg Thomaschewski is a professor at University Emden/Leer with a focus on usability and user experience, human computer interaction, requirement engineering, agile software development, internet programming, markup languages, and E -Learning. He is the author of various online modules, among others the module "Human-Computer-Communication", which is used at the Virtual University (VFH) at six university locations. He has extensive experience in usability training, agile methods, IT analysis and consulting.

Martin Schrepp
Schwetzinger Straße 86
68766 Hockenheim

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